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Asbestos Services

Below are details of the asbestos services we offer including, asbestos removal, re-instatement works, register hosting and updating, asbestos surveys/inspection and sampling. In addition we offer training, advice, audits, general consultancy and provide a free 24 hour, local rate helpline known as 'Safe~Line'.

With every asbestos removal project we provide a Completion Pack including an updates risk register which can be completed for the whole of your premises at the time if required.

We will also provide you with details on tax relief at a rate of 150% introduced under the Finance Act 2001. With this scheme, asbestos removal can reduce risks to your employees/the public and quash ongoing management costs all at 55% of the actual cost.

Are you complying with CAR 2012 and HSG264? This can be particularly difficult for the housing sector but we can help.