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About Us


At Safe Environment we stand out from the crowd as we don't 'fit in' with many clients views of the asbestos industry. Our rates and response are unrivalled, our services fully comprehensive including re-instatement/record updates and our passion and commitment shines through at every stage.


Who are we and what are we about?

Safe Environment was formed in 2008 by three professionals with a 30 year joint experience spanning all fields of asbestos and construction project management/health and safety consultancy.

Our aim from the outset was to offer a 'next level' solution to asbestos issues along with relevant environmental/waste consultancy and associated health and safety support. This solution was developed through our experience of working for those who our now clients and experiencing a vast number of issues along the way.

We strive to revolutionise the asbestos industry by offering unrivalled value for money and operating at unusually low margins for the asbestos industry. We maintain our business through client retention and natural growth.

We are also committed to helping the communities in which we are working through our not-for-profit Social Enterprise arm,

Safe, Social Environment.